4 Indications your Car Parts Need Replacement

4 Indications your Car Parts Need Replacement

The car we drive says a lot about us’ this holds true for every passionate car lover who is not only concerned about the outlook of the car but also pays more attention to the inside of a car. If the outlook of your car is brilliant but you are ignoring the inner care of your car then the eye-catching look will be of no use because the permanent damage has been done already. The truth is engine noises can mean many things from a simple quick-fix to a complete engine overhaul that may not be worth the money if your car has some gnarls in its beard. There are common issues that can be a warning signal for your car:-

1. Squealing Noises

When you accelerate and hear a squeal, a squeak, or a whine, odds are the cause is a worn belt. Your timing belt might make odd noises and usually stop when you continue accelerating because maybe it about to worn-out. Replacing of old timing belt with a new one can be done by you or if you are unable to change then a skillful mechanic will do the perfect job.

2. Ignition Problem

This is the most common problem in the car, usually 2 kinds of problems occur in your car, first one is knocking and pinging that occurs when fuel ignites inside the cylinder because more fuel has to enter the cylinder immediately. Another problem that emerges is usually due to the bad fuel filter and injector, damaged spark plugs, Bad distributor cap etc. Make sure these problems are fixed early so that your pocket and your car do not get a heavy hit!

3. When your Engine is Clacking

Engine noises are actually hard to trace.  Rotating parts like belts or brakes usually make grinding noises but reciprocating parts like pistons or tire rods make an annoying ticking or clicking noise during operation. Listen to these noises carefully and you should be able to identify the cause. Some of the most common causes are Low oil, worn-out struts, worn-out fuel injectors and bad push-rods. Don’t worry much about them as these problems can be fixed by replacing your oil or swapping out a single part. These problems can be easily solved by a trusted car service center.

4. High Pitch Banging Sound

Any sort of banging noise is often the number one sign that your car is in need of some serious repair work.  The most common culprit behind a high pitched banging noise is an engine issue or sometimes it can be something as simple as motor belt replacement.  Other common problems are failed bearings, loose u-joints along the shaft and if the sound is not coming from under the hood, there is a good chance it could be in your tires.

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