All You Need To Know About Car Painting

All You Need To Know About Car Painting

‘There is no beauty without color’ and your car will be defined not only by its interior but also how your car looks from outside. The exterior of your car definitely makes a good impression on the people when your car runs on the road.  But what if your car loses its shiny and spotless side and stops looking the way it did in its initial days? Then you must consider that your car needs the help of a car service center which can revive its classy and mesmerizing look. Painting can be a long drawn process but if your car has lost its initial shine then it’s high time that you should make it undergo this essential process. Now let us see which kind of paint will be suitable according to your needs:-

Generally, there are two types of paints that are used to paint a car and these are:-

Single Stage Paint

Single stage paints are applied in a single application. A can of single stage paint contains both base and clear coats. These paints are also called specialty paints because they can be helpful in providing a fair protection to your car from the harsh environment, but if you are looking for maximum protection then single stage paint is not a perfect solution for your car.

Second Stage of Paint

This is the second stage which includes a base coat to be applied first and after the initial coat, the second coat which is known as clear coat is added to give your car maximum protection. During the second stage of painting there are three paints that are used:

1. Undercoat finishes – This finish serves few purposes and because of this, it is known as a primer. One of the initial and foremost purpose of undercoat finish is to make the surface ready for painting and moisture so that the paint application is uniform.

2. Base coats– This is the second layer that is applied on the car. It is a semi-glossy layer, which is usually the actual color of the painted surface.

3. Clear Coats– After the above two comes the last and final layer. It is colorless and usually has two main functions

a) Providing the shineand gloss to the car

b) Protecting the painted surface against UV rays that can cause fading in the long run

These are the two stages that are included in the painting process, but before you hand over your car to the automobile car service center you must be informed about the paints that are available in the market. Different kinds of paint that are usually used for car painting are – lacquer, enamel, epoxy, urethane and powdered paints.  Lacquer paints are usually not used for new cars. They are used only in car repair services and are applied as primers. Second comes the enamel paints which are available as either synthetic or acrylic enamel paints, and are used as base coats. Third one is the Epoxy paints which are not usually used in cars. They are mostly used in airplanes and boats, which require durable surfaces. Fourth one is Urethane paints which are the most used paints. These paints can be mixed to produce various variations. The last category, powdered paints, refers to paints that require baking. The process of baking may produce toxic gases and hence precautions are advised.

All of the above are paints that are generally used in in the car painting process. If you are looking for a best car service center that can look after your car like you do then Autodock car service center in Delhi is the perfect solution for all your car related problems. They have a professional team that makes your car as good as new.