AC service

car AC service

Your car’s air conditioning system needs regular attention to make sure its working effectively , especially in the city’s scorching heat. Degraded air conditioning systems will be less effective and have to work harder, therefore using more fuel. Thus, it is very important for you to get your air conditioning system serviced frequently to save fuel and thus money as well as environment.We offer complete air conditioning recharge services

  • a/c filter check and clean
  • a/c condenser check
  • a/c gas testing and filling
  • compressor oil test and topup
  • blower function
  • a/c panel operation check
  • a/c gas leak check
  • cooling coil clean

With sweltering summer temperatures air-conditioner of the car becomes most important part of the car. It serves the most crucial function of keeping us comfortable in the car. But what we don’t realise is that air conditioner (A/C) also serves the following purpose –


  1. Heater keeps the Engine cool

It might sound strange but heating function of air conditioning keeps the engine cool. Engine produce heat during operation, while most of it is thrown out through exhaust system, some heat remain back must be dissipated. A mixture of water and antifreeze circulating through the engine block and radiator releases the excess heat into the atmosphere, and on cold days, that heat can also be redirected into the car to provide warmth for you and your passengers. Without a properly functioning heating system, your engine could overheat on a hot summer’s day and—in a worst-case scenario—break down completely.


  1. Defrost Windshield

In January morning, when you can see your breath, defrosting is a big issue. Air Conditioner (A/C) pulls out humidity from the atmosphere and hence help in defogging of windshields.


  1. Reduce chances of compress failure

Compressor is the most important and expensive component of air conditioning (A/C) system. Regular A/C servicing help in increasing the life of compressor.