car spa/wash

car spa/wash

  • Exterior hydraulic Body Wash
  • foaming
  • Polishing
  • Alloy Cleaning
  • Engine & Tyre Cleaning
  • Interior Air Pressure Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Under Body care
  • Windshield Cleaning
  • Chemical Engine Wash
  • Auto Spa and wash as one of the services

Changing oil is important and so is alignment of the wheel. We all focus of every small detail of car while servicing. But when it comes to car washing, we often ignore that and consider it as once of the extra activity and ignore it to save few penny and time. What we don’t understand is that washing a car is not only about keeping it clean, but it is also closely related to performance of the car.

We at AutoDock strongly recommend washing your car twice a month for following reasons –

Dirt is damaging –

If dirt is left untreated for few days, it can scratch the surface of your car at nano level. Thousands of such scratches over the time fade out the paint.


Fuel efficiency –

Dirt on the car creates an aerodynamics effect. While driving, millions of dirt particle creates a drag which makes car burning more fuel.


Prevent illness –

We clean our house daily. But what we don’t realize is that we spend so much time in our car and our cars are almost 10 times dirtier than our houses. This could lead to health hazards.


We at AutoDock strongly believe at it’s the right of every car owner to have a perfectly clean car. To conserve this right we brings to you a comprehensive car wash procedure by highly trained employees at affordable price –

We promise to deliver following service –

  1. Deep clean car wash
  2. Entire interior cleaning
  3. Dusting and polishing of dashboards
  4. Dressing of tires
  5. Rim Shine
  6. Exterior body (pressurized water-wash)
  7. Cleaning of sun visors
  8. Engine cleaning with diesel