car Denting

Car Denting And Painting

Does that scar on your car worries you? We understand that you love to see your car without any scratches and we would assist you with the same. With best techniques and efficient professionals, we assure you of best denting services in South Delhi area. You can be assured of best results at reasonable prices.

Only three thigs in life are certain – Birth, Death and getting Dents and scratches on paint of car. You might want to control all but certainly Birth and Death are beyond your control. However you can surly control Dents and Scratches of the car. And if not then we are there to help you.


  1. Practice parallel parking

Lots of people avoid parallel street parking like the plague because they hate trying to manoeuvre the car between other vehicles. However, it’s a great way to reduce the risk of scratches because no one can park next to you!


  1. Avoid exposure to severe weather

In a country like India where extreme weather conditions are normal, your car faces a lot of things. UV rays can make the car coating thin, dusty wind can erode the protective coating from car, acidic rain could certainly not only damage the paint, but can also damage the primer below the paint. all of these would lead to scratches and fading of paint.


  1. Open Your Door Slowly

You’re excited to get where you’re going, but it’s important to be aware of everything around you. Slowly opening your car door is a great way to avoid unexpected door dings.


We at AutoDock strongly recommend to follow the mentioned advice. But we also understand that all dents and scratches are not avoidable. Hence our team of professionals are there to help you in Denting and painting.