Mechanical care

Car Mechanical care

Providing the right mechanical care to your car can be tough. While an ill maintained car increases fuel consumption and associated costs , a well maintained car ensures good performance in short and long run.. Your car would be taken care by our trained and professional staff, who have years of experience of working with all models of vehicles.

A car consist of more than 50,000 parts. Each part is delicate and require appropriate care by professionals. Every part should perform optimally to make the car perform at its best. We at AutoDock brings to you complete car of every part of the car ranging from a small screw in Chassis to repairing whole engine.

Here are some the things we repair at AutoDock-


Gear box


Drive axle

Oil filter




These are just some of the part which cause the problem most of the time. Apart from these, we at AutoDock repair almost everything in a car.