Automatic wheel balancing

Automatic wheel balancing

Have you recently hit a pothole? or does your car pull to one side? or having troubles with excessive tyre wear? A better alignment and balance can improve the safety of your car greatly.

We offer comprehensive car wheel balance checks and repairs by some of the best technicians in Delhi. To balance a tyre, we use computerized equipment that identifies where wheel weights should be applied to the rim. Those weights are used to counter-balance any heavy spots.

When wheel rotates, the weight on the axis should be equally distributed. However, due to certain external factors the weight along the axis might change and could cause un-balancing of vehicle. To understand when your vehicle needs a balancing, look at the following points –


  1. If steering wheel vibrates on high speed
  2. If seat of floorboard vibrates while driving
  3. If Scalloped /cupped wear pattern appear on the tyres.
  4. You have driven over 7000 KM without checking wheel balancing



Failing to keep a check on alignment and balancing could lead to replacement of wheels or tyres, damage of suspension or engine and could potentially cause a huge accident.


We at AutoDock strongly recommend to keep a tight check on wheel alignment and balancing. In case you feel any dysfunction with your wheels feel free to contact us anytime.

wheel alignment

wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is an important part of preventative maintenance that benefits your tyres, handling, and suspension parts. At Autodock, we perform alignments using our state-of-the-art equipments.

  • Inspection of suspension and steering systems, including air pressure and tyre condition
  • Computerised alignment testing
  • Camber, caster and toe angles adjustments

Wheel alignment means when wheel is align the way they should be. However, with time geometric angles of wheel changes which hamper the motion of the vehicle. We understand that as a laymen it is difficult for you to understand if you vehicle needs wheel alignment or not. Hence, look at the following points explaining – when your car need wheel alignment –


  1. There is abnormal or uneven tyre wear
  2. Steering dose not return to its original position easily after you take a left or right.
  3. You have driven over 30,000 KM without wheel alignment check
  4. Your vehicle took a hit.